Sunday, September 20, 2015

Salmon - Huckleberry Wilderness

Rumor has it that every bear loves salmon.  Most foxes love chicken but it’s a little known fact that some foxes (i.e. me) love huckleberries, salmon, and chicken.

Now, on an unrelated note I should mention that it’s getting time for my roommates mid-year review.   My roommates are trying to improve their score from last time so they can get their raise.  I wonder what they will do to try to persuade me. 

Looks like they are going to take me for a hike.  Not a bad way to try and build some goodwill on their evaluation but not too creative if you ask me. 

Who knew this place existed?  Is it real?  Salmon and Huckleberries, I think this is going to be a great day for a little fox.

The trail looks well maintained as well.

Lots of huckleberry bushes.  I know huckleberries are found in the Northwest.  Oregon has lots of them, same with Washington and I know Western Montana is abundant with them.  I imagine they are in BC as well.   Sadly, the berries are gone but the plants look great so I am sure next year the crop will be abundant.

Now, let’s talk about the salmon.  The river is a little low and I don’t see a whole lot of salmon, I wonder what is going on?
As we continued on the hike eventually we made it to the viewpoint where we got to have lunch.  

Sequoia is enjoying the view as well.
As we head back down the trail I will be sure to keep my eye open for some salmon and any huckleberries.


  1. beary important question:
    what did you have for lunch?

    1. Tuna salad, chips, and a granola bar. I was hoping for chicken salad, chicken in a biscuit crackers, and a sparkling chicken broth drink that only foxes seem to like.

  2. Agreed, lunch is always a very important consideration.

    1. So true. A good lunch can make or break any hike.

  3. Excellent hike - too bad the huckleberries were done/eaten. Your forests look a lot like ours.

  4. Our forests are similar. Is the east side of your province mostly desert like the east side of Oregon?