Friday, September 4, 2015

Mail call

Oh, hello everyone.  I was discussing with Sequoia our next adventure this afternoon when my sekrebeary informed me I received some mail. 
Where should we go this week?  The beach?  The mountains?  Dog Park?

Let's see what we have.  The first letter is from Droopy.  I must say Droopy has done a good job of training his sekrebeary in handwriting, it's beary good.   

These stickers are awesome!  I am always a sucker for pictures (or stickers) of animals hiking and being outdoors.  Thanks Droppy!  

It also seems I received some cards from vacationing stuffies.  Jerry and Ben shared a cool card with a bear on it.  Are there lots of bears in Northern Minnesota? 

I have heard Minnesota has lots of lakes, mosquitoes ,and a SPAM museum (southern Minnesota if anyone is interested) and it seems that they have bears in MN too.   In case you were interested in the Spam Museum (come on, you know you are kind of interested) here is the link

Anyway, I digressed.  Ajdin also had a great trip in Ohio.  I wonder if he had time to see the topiary of French people or the Arnold Scwarzenegger statute?   Perhaps Jerry and ben should visit Columbus.  Ben would probably enjoy the topiary of French people and I bet Jerry could film an on location show of Jerry's corner.  

Check out the link for the topiary people:

Thanks for the awesome mail everyone!


  1. There are indeed bears in Minnesota. Jerry adds "And sum of them aR beary cute too!"

  2. A Spam museum??? I don't even know how to respond to that.

    1. How can you not go? I bet Spunky and Grandpa would love it.

  3. Both you and Sequoia look a little dejected - I do hope you get an adventure this weekend. Spam Museum?? At first I thought you meant spam as in email but I see it is actually the "meat" spam. I am speechless. Mostly because Jerry and Ben have never mentioned this place. Hmmm... are they holding back on us?

    1. We are definitely ready for an adventure.

      I wonder if Jerry and Ben are holding back on us, maybe there is a salmon museum as well in Minnesota? Hmm, maybe an ice cream museum?