Friday, December 25, 2015

Happy Holidays!

The postal carrier has been busy this holiday season.  Between Sequoia sending out his dog treats and my roommates ordering me lots of hiking gear and other gifts online the postal carrier sure has been swamped.

The mail has been stacking up lately, it's about time I saw what has arrived.  Jerry and Ben were on top of it this year.  This card came in early December.  The snow is beautiful, great pictures, and looks like Boo even got in the shot.  I bet you they had a big mug of hot chocolate after the photo shoot. 
Droopy, Spunky, and Patch sent this great card.  It's a got a nice family photo in it and it's one of my favorite colors.  It even looks like Droopy took off his hat for this photo. 
Ajdin, Uncle Tibbs, Oogie, Ms. Feathers, and Parker sent an awesome card and they all signed it!  These signatures are going to be worth lots of money some day. 

I opened Ajdin and crews gift and one of my Christmas stuffies came to visit. Let's call him "Bear". I wonder why Bear showed up at this moment?  Aha!  He must have smelled the honey in the air. 

Looks like a package came from Canada.  I wonder who it could be from?
Ah, it's from Sandy!  Sandy sent this awesome Santa Hat.  It's a perfect fit.  The gifts keep coming it seems I have a little package to open up as well. 
Fun, scrabble tiles!  Let's see what I can spell.  Hmm, this might be harder than I thought.  I better wrangle Bear away from the honey and see if he can help. 
I insisted he wash his paws before touching the tiles.  It appears that Bear is quite the puzzle solver.
 After some mulled wine and extra chocolaty hot chocolate Bear and I think we solved the puzzle. 
The word with the missing tile is supposed to be "neat".

Thanks everyone!  Hope your have a happy holiday filled with lots of cookies and extra chcolately starbucks hot chocolate (it's on the secret menu).  
Little Fox ~


  1. Merry Christmas Little Fox! Stay warm, and make sure to drink lots of hot chocolate!

    1. Thanks, I will be sure to stock up on cookies as well.

  2. Merry Christmas Little Fox!! You did pretty good solving that puzzle!

    1. Thanks for the cool gift. I might try again to see how I can spell "agile" like your card suggested. Will keep you posted.

  3. Today, we got back our Christmas card that we sent you!! The Postman says you don't live at the address we have for you any more!!! Did you move??

  4. Strange, we didn't move but thanks for putting me on your X-mas card list anyway. I am sure they will get it right next year.

  5. Merry Christmas! Good work with the puzzle.