Tuesday, December 22, 2015

Holiday Preparations

I can't believe it's time to prepare for the holidays.  I have so much to do to prepare but before I get started I better "fuel up" at Starbucks.  Has anyone tried one of their Ugly Sweater Cookies yet?  I better get one just to make sure it's up to Starbucks Quality.
Before I get started I better make sure the oven is cleaned.  I can check that chore off my list. 

My stuffy guests are very particular.  Good thing I got extra strong and durable plates.  The blue plates are for cookies and desserts.  Hmm, maybe I should use the big plates for cookies and desserts instead?
 Salt, Pepper and Bread.  Got that taken care of.
Lucky for me my "friend" Sara Lee decided to help me with the baking.
You know, if I put the rolls on this holiday plate I bet you my guests will think they are homemade. 
Time to make the cookies.  Hooray! My roommates got white  chocolate baking chips, now I can make my famous cookies.  Good luck with your holiday preparations fellow stuffies. 


  1. preparations look good! just make sure the dessert plate is the big one!

  2. Wow... you guys got serious about the preparations for guests... I don't know that we're that organized up here.