Sunday, December 20, 2015

Year - End Sekrebeary Evaluation Results

After lots of hard work on the computer I have finally completed my Sekrebeary's year end evaluation.  Let's see how they did.

I have added a few new categories this time and I have changed my evaluation form to be a little easier to fill out.  I hope my new form is fairer to my Sekrebeary's, it's best to be fair and thorough when you are dealing with Sekrebeary's and their wages. 

Updated Sekrebeary Evaluation Winter 2015

Provides an equal size Christmas stocking compared to the dog.

Not even close. 

Pays all contractor bills to stuffy on time and in full amount no matter what the price is (supervision doesn’t come free you know).

Hmm, still waiting on that receiving payment for this bill.

Providing a proper Cinco de Mayo celebration (i.e. no frozen burritos)

 Well, that didn’t happen this year.

Hosts at least two contests for stuffy and stuffy pals.

Didn’t host two contests but we did host one.  Partial Credit.
Provides snacks  (promptly and without eye rolling) when requested from stuffy

 Snacks are provided....but not necessarily promptly or w/o eye rolling.  Usually at the end of an adventure not throughout the adventure.
Provides outings as requested by stuffy

 Outings are provided, again not at immediate request of the stuffy.
Takes stuffy to Starbucks for hot chocolate (without argument from Sekrebeary).

 Takes stuffy NEAR a Starbucks but often not inside.

Brings all gear on adventures (flags, scarfs, snacks etc.)

 Occassionally.  Gear seems to get lost, perhaps stuffy needs a specific closest.
Takes an appropriate amount of overnight and/or day trips each year
Always has cookies on hand

 Yes, but stuffy could always take MORE overnight trips.

Well it seems that my Sekrebeary’s could use some remediation.  I better enroll them back in Sekrebeary school.  Sandy seems to have his sekrebeary trained well maybe I should send them to Canada for Sekrebeary school?  Ooogie can you process that paperwork for me?  Droopy can you research if we are allowed to bring Bacon over the border (I want to make sure they are well fed).  Jerry and Ben can you send me a care package while my Sekrebearies are in school?      


  1. Well... I do tend to bribe my sekrebeary a bit with tim-bits soooo... that might be part of my secret. Although... I'm not sure how she'd measure up in the categories you have. Snacks on trips? Not likely! Although... definitely doing ok in the Starbucks and hot chocolate department... note to stuffie... fill out sekrebeary evaluation!

    1. Tim Bits, what a good incentive for humans. Looks like there are some Timmies in Michigan. Could be a long road trip but probably worth it.

  2. We agree with Sandy on the bribes's really the only way. Ben says he an easily send a are package if needed. Thank goodness we stuffies look out for each other!

    1. I will have to look into the bribing thing ASAP.

  3. Andrea does seem to be way better on providing Cayke on trips though. I don't understand why that's not compulsory.

  4. You should be able to smuggle some bacon across the border in a checked bag. I used to work for the FBI (Federal Bacon Inspectors), so I should know.

    Good luck remediating the roommates!

  5. Yessssss I caaaaan doooo theeeee paaaaapeeeerwoooork....

    - Ooogie