Sunday, February 7, 2016

A busy weekend for a little fox.

It's been a busy week for a little fox.  First off, I am beary excited that Jerry has entered as a guest judge, that being said I have had  many conversations with Kermit letting him know that he is an important celebearity as well.  Apparently, Kermit doesn't do well when other celebearities are involved.

The weather has been great the last few days.  It was almost 60 degrees on Friday and beary nice today as well.  I figured I better get to the mountains before all the snow melts.  It looks like there is plenty of snow to play in.  I am getting my scarf on and Sequoia is wondering what is taking so long.

The snow looks in good shape for snowshoeing.  There even seem to be tracks to follow.  Let's go!
A quiet respite on top of this mound of snow.  Me thinks a hot chocolate would be good right about now.

Back home and back to work.  Being that the weather has warmed up it seems it's time to start getting the garden and roses ready for Spring.  

I donned my supervision scarf and began the process of supervising my roommates. 

Job #1: Cut back the roses.  The roses have grown a lot this winter and if we don't cut them back now they will overrun the yard.  These roses are thorny, best leave this job to my roommates. 

Job #2: Pull out these rotted onions.  That's a dirty job so I will again leave this to my roommates.
Job # 3 and Final job:  Sample the herbs.  The rosemary did well over the winter.  I wonder if I can find any chicken recipes with rosemary as an ingredient?


  1. You are the master of delegating work! :) Good job!

  2. Hope Kermit is not feeling threatened by Jerry's celebearity status.

    1. Me too. Could make the next couple of weeks dicey around the house.

  3. Wow... you've been a busy fox... counselling upset frogs, snowshoeing and supervising garden cleanup. Whew... hope you're getting a raise. We planted sweetpeas this past weekend... (but don't tell Jerry...)

    1. Raise? Yeah right, I wish :)

      We haven't put any plants in the ground yet but it's probably worth it for us to take a look at the garden centers and see what is available.