Sunday, February 14, 2016

RVs for sale?

Happy Valentines Day!  My valentine treat this year wasn't chocolate, wasn't nice flowers but a big chicken sandwich.  My roommates know what I like.
Just hanging out near the window till the bill gets settled. 

After scarfing down the chicken sandwich my roommates explained we were going shopping.  Last time I went shopping I thought my roommates were going to buy me an airplane.

Well, this is interesting.  I would not have guessed we would be shopping at an RV show.  Lots of animals at the show.  
This guy is friendly. 
This chair looks comfy.  I really appreciate the legroom.

A big RV certainly deserves a big TV. 
This control panel looks complicated.  Better call Drunk Fox to help. 
A fridge and an oven.  Chef Ben could make some great cookies in this RV. 

What, no icemaker?  You got be kidding me.

A mysterious switch.  I wonder what it will do? 
I think I can drive this safely.  
OK, even a fox knows when he has to hand over the wheel to his Sekrebearies.
So, after I explored I met the stuffie sales team.  Apparently, there are sales stuffies that work shows like this.  This bear is pretty friendly.  You can see he is giving me a driving lesson on how to put the RV in gear.  The hard sell comes from the lion.  He won't stop roaring on and on about the features of this RV.  Who new lions could be so persistent?

After exploring this cool RV and thinking about all of the camping trips and adventures we could have I told my roommates I was going to buy this RV (the lion did a great job of telling me about all the features) but then I saw the price. 

Well this RV is clearly out of this fox's price range.  To think this RV doesn't even have an ice maker or a fireplace in it.

Oh wait, it DOES have a fireplace.  That is such a practical feature for west coast winters :)
No RVs for this little fox today.  


  1. $50,000??? U.S.???? Holy bear poopers! Maybe a used VW camper van is more in your budget?? They're fun to travel in... although they don't have a fireplace... or a TV... or power windows... or a microwave... and definitely not an icemaker! I do think you and your roommates need to go on a trip though!

  2. A VW van is a good idea for a little fox. Of course no fireplace but if you are camping then you could probably have a real fire so it probably evens out in the end.

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