Tuesday, June 21, 2016

Little Fox visits National Scenic Area

I hope all of my blog pals and sekrebearies are doing well.  I was lucky enough to get a trip to the Rogue River Scenic Area.  Let's see how scenic it is.

When the hike started I saw a ton of these Madrona trees.  The bark is a very fetching color of reddish orange.  I think they rename these trees "Fox tree".  Perhaps it's another time for Mr. Fox to go lobby our governor in Salem?

Trees aren't all the scenic but the river sure was.  The Rogue River is very popular for white water rafting and hikers.  The bridge is the background is really impressive.
The hike along the river not only provides good scenery but also lots of opportunities to see what water rafters.  

Where are the rafters?

This waterfall is just my size.  I wish I had a canteen to bring some of this fresh water home with me.  I bet it would make excellent lemonade. 

Any good adventure needs refreshments.  After our hike I suggested my roommates take Sequoia and I to a winery to relax.  Wineries work well for dog owners in that most are dog friendly.  
Wow, is this whole bottle of wine for me?  I bet Ben could make an excellent coq au vin with this wine.

Sequoia happily relaxing after a long days hike. 


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  2. Excellent video and great choice of music!

  3. @Ajdin - Thanks, when I heard that music choice I new it was perfect.
    @Droopy - Thanks, a try to live a zenful life - you know in balance and what not.
    @ Jerry and Ben - Thanks, I would have loved to have been there when the wildflowers bloomed.

  4. Beautiful! We call that tree an Arbutus tree, although Madrone is another word for it... do you use Arbutus? I saw the rafters in your video!!

    1. The rafting looked like lots of fun. We use Madrona (none of that scientific naming stuff for us). Although I have heard that tree referred to as the Pacific Madrona as well.