Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Secret Adventure Day 1

I took my stuffy friends advice and snuck into my roommates bag so I could get a vacation.  I had to keep this a secret from my roommates since I didn't really ask permission to come along - as you can tell I am trying to hide behind this set of flowers.
As you can see I am hiding in the shadows here as well.  The scenery is really nice and the lake looks beary peaceful.  
I knew I was in trouble when my roommates started opening the snacks.  What?  Sequoia gets a piece of cheese for his snack?!?  I started grumbling and mumbling and my roommates found me out.  They were surprised to be sure but glad to see me (who isn't glad to see me???).  Well, now that I am out in the open, time to continue the blog.   My roommates said we were going to do this hike, Tam-A-Lau but before hand we needed to give Sequoia some exercise.  Let's do it!
The scenery is really nice.  Wide open spaces. 
 What mountain is that in the background?  Hmm, where is the flag Ajdin made for me.  I think I need to claim this land for stuffy recreation.

 Oh, it's Mt. Jefferson.  To get a good picture of the mountain you sacrifice a picture of the lake.  Ahh, the problems I face.
 Now that our hike is done, where are we going to stay?  This looks like cattle country, maybe we are staying at a ranch?  Perhaps a luxury hotel?  I hope our accommodations are fox friendly.


  1. Beautiful photos! Such a great day for a hike. Lucky you did go along. SeKretaries often forget the snacks, so thank goodness a stuffie is there and has them all prepacked.

    1. So true. Could you imagine a world w/o stuffies:
      *No mid-day s'mores
      *No supervision
      *And who only knows what would happen to the Post Office?

  2. Great hike! Is this hike #421? Are you keeping track on a map?

    1. That's a great idea. I wonder how I should go about getting a map? Hmm, something for me to think about...

  3. Nice photos. You have such great hiking trails. Have you thought about making a saddle for Sequoia so you can hitch a ride on him???