Tuesday, July 19, 2016

First Ever Episode of "Little Fox, Archaeologist"

Hello Blog Pals ~ I have dabbled in the exciting world of Archaeology in the past but today I decided to make it official.  Ajdin has his astrobear dream, Droopy has taken on crime fighting, Jerry is into gardening (or so I hear), Ben has his cooking, Sandy is interested in solving mysteries, and Beanie is into art.

For my first exploration I will need to collect my supplies.  Let's see, I will need someone to do holes for me.  I know, I will enlist Sequoia to do that but he is at Day Camp today so it's just me. Besides someone to dig holes I will need supplies to mark what I find.  I know I will use the flag Ajdin made for me a while back.
This should work. 
My first area to excavate today is an exotic locate known for it's riches.
The jungle is dense here, isn't it?

It's a long hike to the excavation site.  Man, the jungle is thick. 

It's warm today.  I think I need to get some more supplies for my new career.  I will need a good water bottle, an Indiana Jones style hat, and a satchel to carry my finds. 
I wish I could find something.  Oh, wait....
Do you see my find?  Looks like some sort of ancient money.  No....wait....upon further exploration it looks like modern day money from the Czech Republic.  
A-ha!  I know where the money came from....MY ROOMMATES......they took a trip without me! *****Gast*****  This is beary UNACCEPTABLE!  

Let's recap today:  
1) As an archaeologist I found a rare coin  
2) My roommates took a  trip w/o me (I am not even going to do an evaluation this year - they automatically failed and will not be getting their raise).  
3) Sequoia gets to go to camp and I have to stay at home
4) I need to get an Archaeology outfit.  An Indiana Jones hat, an Indiana Jones style satchel, and a water bottle (if Indiana Jones carried a water bottle I want one like that).  

Time for me to go shopping, now let me try and find my roommates credit card.


  1. Indiana Fox-Jones has a nice ring to it. Are you in need of a whip like him as well?

  2. Good point, I will need a whip. Off to the hardware store to get some rope....

  3. Excellent show! Did you find any remains of ancient bears? We do agree that you need an Indiana Jones Hat!

    1. No remains of ancient bears, not on this episode at least. Stay tuned.

  4. Great episode! You are beary brave to forage through all those wild jungles braving spiders, earwigs, and goodness knows what else! You do need a whip though... and maybe a cool fedora as well.

  5. The jungle was crazy. Interestingly, some of the jungle looked like my roommates mint plant.
    I am reading on how to make a fedora for a fox. Hope to get started soon.