Monday, July 25, 2016

This could be interesting....

Hello Blog Pals ~
I have to admit it's kind-of hot this week and I have been enjoying relaxing with Sequoia on the tile (the coolest place in the house). I hope you are staying cool as well.

As you can probably tell I was minding my own business while hanging out with the dog.  All of a sudden a letter "presented" itself to me.  I have never received mail in quite this mysterious manner. 

This letter is a tad mysterious.  No stamp, no return address and the only thing in the envelope I see are the words "Little Fox".  

I took the letter to my desk to examine it further and make sure I didn't get rid of any clues. 
 Gil Grisham from CSI would always say, "preserve the evidence" which is what I am attempting to do.
It seems that there is some sort of writing on the message in the letter.  It seems to be in Spanish.  Let's see: Oceano Pacifico, Playa, Avenue "U" and the word tesoro.  I know that playa means beach, oceano pacifico is probably pacific ocean, and courtesy of Google tesoro means treasure.  
Oh my goodness, a treasure map!!!!!!  I wonder what the treasure is?   Could it be gold?  Silver?  Starbucks gift cards?  I need to wrangle my trusty sidekick Sequoia to go with me on this treasure hunt.  Dare, I say might there be another episode of Little Fox, Archaeologist coming up soon?????
**Note** if any stuffy friends might know where I can start searching for treasure or have any hints please share.
Thanks ~
Little Fox, Archeaologist


  1. Oooo, how exciting!! Cue the Indiana Jones theme!!


  2. Sequoia is beary well-trained. He doesn't mistake you for a dog chew toy. I think you are going to ... Mexico!

    1. Thank goodness I am not mistaken for a dog chew toy. That was certainly a concern when Sequoia came to live with me.

      Mexico....hmm I think you might be onto something.

  3. Avenue Q... hmmm... beary mysterious... wasn't someone in James Bond or Charlie's Angels named Q??