Tuesday, October 25, 2016

Behind the scenes

 Kermit: Hello everyone and welcome to a special version of my talk show.  I want to give thanks to all the animals that work behind-the-scenes to make my show a success.
Kermit:  First of all we have my production assistant - Old Dog.  As with any production assistant he is bringing me some fresh spring water.  Movie stars like me only drink bottled water.  Old Dog also helps keep groupies  a safe distance away from me. 
Kermit:  Besides Old Dog I also want to thank my joke testers Ricky the Raccoon and Dog-it (the rabbit).  They also work security for me keeping a certain pig off the set.
Kermit;  My dear friend Drunk Fox whom I met in rehab.  I was a guest counselor at Drunk Fox's rehab center.  Looks like Drunk Fox is giving me a thumbs up.
Kermit:  With all of these staff members I have to introduce my two most important team members.  We have Reindeer and Bear.  Reindeer is my chef and Bear is an assistant chef and they are responsible for feeding my crew.
Reindeer: Kermit, do you want us to show the viewers what we have on tap for dinner tonight?
Kermit: Thanks Reindeer that would be great.  I don't have many special guests tonight.
Reindeer:  Bear let's take our guests to the kitchen.
Reindeer: Here I am the famous chef Reindeer and my assistant Bear.  Bear is busy inspecting the food for freshness. 
Bear:  What's on the menu for tonight's dinner Reindeer?
Reindeer:  Let's do French Onion Soup. First think I need to do is slice up these onions.  
Bear: RD is that a box of brownies in the background?  Are we going to share the brownies with the crew or can we eat them ourselves?
Reindeer: Chopping these onions is hard work.  Where is my assistant?
Bear: Here I am Reindeer.  I best start working on the dishes.
Reindeer: My goodness that is a lot of onions, certainly enough to feed the crew.
Bear:  Reindeer you never answered my question about the brownies.
Reindeer:  We should share these with the crew....but the picture on the box makes them look so good.  I don't know if I can share.
Bear:  Maybe we make them for the crew but choose the best brownies for our snack.  Compromise is good.
Reindeer: I don't know....
Bear:  Ah this is too much stress.  Let's just share the brownies.  Now, if we only had a bear on staff that could do some tasting for us.  Sigh.
Reindeer: Friends I hope you enjoyed a behind the scenes tour of the kitchen on the set of Kermit's talk show. All the stuffies are stuffing their faces right now so Bear and I will sign off.   Happy eating - Reindeer. 


  1. Jerry gladly volunteers to be the taste tester!!!!!!

    1. Reindeer: Really? I would not have guessed that :) Thanks Jerry. Keep your eyes open for a package sent by my assistant chef Bear.

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  3. Did Reindeer cry while chopping the onions? Sometimes my mom wears swimming goggles when chopping onions.

    1. Goggles...a great idea. Reindeer dud cry a little though he would never admit it....Drunk Fox