Monday, October 17, 2016

Hereeeeee's Kermit (part 2)

Live from Little Fox's house, it's Kermit the Frog!
Hello everyone, it's me, Kermit the Frog broadcasting live from Little Fox's house.  Little Fox is off on an adventure so I am in charge of the blog till he gets back. 
It seems like our schedule includes visits from a few friends including Little Bear, Dr. Mouse, and a special mixology lesson with Drunk Fox. 
Our first guest is the one and only Little Bear.

Kermit: Now Little Bear, I don't know if you knew this or not but you have a striking resemblance to a few bears I know of in the Mid-west and up in Canada.  Any thoughts?
Little Bear: Kermit, you are very observant.  I believe I am a distant cousin on said bears.  Perhaps I should get a membership to to do some geneological research.  Kermit, can I borrow your credit card?
Kermit:  Uh, no.  Now let's move on next guest.  Dr. Mouse is a very well known psychiatrist who works directly with the stuffy community.  Here he comes.

Kermit:  Good to see you again Dr. Mouse.  Now, don't take this the wrong way but last time I saw you, you had arms.  Care to explain?
Dr. Mouse: Kermit I am a renowed stuffy psychiatrist but I am also doing some charity work with shelter dogs like Sequoia.  Unfortnately, some of these shelter dogs think I am a chew toy and seem to forget that I am a famous doctor.  Luckily, my craft involves talking to stuffies and shelter dogs so my arms are  not necessary to me being able to heal.
Kermit: Goodness, I sometimes  have nightmares about being mistaken for a chew toy as well.
Dr. Mouse:  Kermit, would you like to schedule an appointment to talk about these nightmares?
Kermit; Now, our last segment of the show tonight is a mixology lesson with our resident bar tender, Drunk Fox.
Kermit: Drunk Fox, I could not help but notice you are slouching, are you drunk right now?
Drunk Fox: Kermit, you are known for asking the tough questions. I am not drunk in fact I limit my drinks to two a day, no more.
Drunk Fox: Kermit, I brought some liquor for our lesson are you ready?
Kermit: Let's go.
Drunk Fox: I brought a small bottle of Kahlula and rum,  will this be enough for us?  Who am I kidding? I better get some more liquor just to be safe.

Kermit: This is better.
Drunk Fox: I think this will do but I feel like we don't have enough alcohol.
Drunk Fox: This is better - we now have one bottle taller than both of us.
Kermit: Uh Drunk Fox do you think we have TOO much alcohol?
Drunk Fox: Kermit, I know you don't drink as much as I do but whenever the drinks come out it seems that the stuffies do as well.  Looks like the whole gang is here. 
Kermit: Well viewers another great show tonight.  Special thanks to my guests Little Bear, Dr. Mouse and Drunk Fox.


  1. So, Drunk are you going to explain this at your next AA meeting?

    Dogtor Freud is very glad he only works with stuffie dogs and fictional characters :)

  2. Droopy, I did have a little lapse. Luckily, AA forgives.

    I think Dr. Mouse and Dogtor Freud should meet up to discuss current trends in psychology.

  3. Cool! We had a great trip in London. I'm hoping to take Little Fox to a few local places before sending him south on Canada Goose Airlines.