Friday, November 25, 2016

A room with a view

Recently, my roommates took me on a  weekend overnight to a historic hotel.
We stayed in Room 13, which I highly recommend for Jerry and Ben to come out, stay in that specific room. Here is the view from that room.
Do you see the train?  It was literally across the street and the tracks were busy.  Freight trains and Amtrak alike.
Of course with trains outside your window comes a train station as well.
I look very stoic here don't I?  This information might be helpful.  Perhaps I take Amtrak to Canada next time, versus budget class on Canadian Goose Airlines.  
Now that my research is done, let's see what is around town.  I read that there was a farm that sells homemade apple fritters and has goats on display.

I appreciate how they have this animal listed as a "goat".  I didn't know that.
Local honey in the farm shop.  Is $6.99 a good price?
You could also buy bags of animal feed to feed the goats.  I bought some and told my roommates to feed the goats, they get very excited about the food (probably a nice change from eating grass all day).  Anyway, best I stay away from the feeding goats as I have heard they eat anything.
Besides visiting the farm my roommates thought we better go to the Wolf Sanctuary nearby. 

A couple of wolves in the settlements.  They eat raw meat (yuk) and get pumpkins for enrichment.  This sanctuary also has some wolf-dogs and coyotes in it. No foxes though.  

Being a little fox I must admit I stayed close to my roommates (very close) at the sanctuary.  Those wolves, wolf-dogs, and coyotes were big.  I was brave enough to hang out with this wolf. 

All of this sightseeing has made me hungry.  This place looks interesting, my only question is what should I get?


  1. Trains and honey, a perfect vacation for you two.

  2. Cool train! Did the hotel have a robe in your size?

  3. Nice! That train whistle sure was loud. Hope they weren't passing through at night.

  4. I see you visited the ancestors of my people. Hope they behaved themselves!