Friday, November 11, 2016

I'm Back

Hi Blog Pals,
Little Fox back at the helm of the blog.  I want to thank my dear friends Kermit, Drunk Fox, Little Bear, and Reindeer and his assistant Bear for keeping the blog going while I was on holiday (as they say in London) with Sandy.  Additionally, I want to wish everyone a happy Veteran's Day.  Thank you Veteran's.

While I was out I received quite a bit of mail. Let's see what I got.

Looks like Droopy took a trip to the red mill in New Jersey.  He also sent some items for me to explore on the next  episode of Little Fox, Archaeologist (in a future blog).  I have never been to New Jersey but it sure seems pretty - my only experience with New Jersey is from watching the Sopranos so I am happy to see it has lots of scenic places.

President elect Ajdin took a road trip to Chincoteague Island in Virginia.  He said there were lots of horses (and mosquitoes) on his trip to Chincoteague Island.  I wonder if it was a campaign road trip?

I got another card from my friend in Seattle.  She took a trip to Montana a few weeks ago.  Looks like there was lots of sunshine on that trip and no snow.  Montana sure is diverse, note to self to I need to plan a trip to Montana asap.

Jerry and Ben took a trip to Jacksonville. Sounds like a relaxing trip involving sitting by the pool and drinking honey ice tea.  Probably a nice break from the Fall weather in the Midwest.

Here is a card I sent to my roommates and the other animals from London.  We had great company with Beanie, Jelly Mouse, and Otto, wonderful weather, great pub food and a great time. I am ready for my next tour Ajdin and Sandy!


  1. (It's Jelly Beanie not Jelly Mouse!!! Don't worry though, it won't upset him!!! We know it's the funny accent that English mice have!!!)

  2. Lots of postcards! Did you come back home with a bit of an English accent? What is your next trip?

  3. How was your trip? Have you recovered from jet lag yet? And yes.. I would also like to know like Jerry and Ben if you have a British accent now?

  4. Isn't it good to be home? I'm sure the gang cooked you some nice tender succulent chicken for dinner, didn't they?