Sunday, November 20, 2016

A secret meeting

It's me, Little Fox Archaeologist.  I received a special message from Droopy via the mail recently and he told me to meet his operative at night in the Wicker District for a special item that all archaeologists need.
The Wicker District is kind of scary at night.

"Psst" said a small bear out of the shadows in the Wicker District.  I turned around and knew it was Droopy's operative.  He pulled out this object, what is it?  The operative said "Droopy wants you to have this, all archaeologists need one." I was still confused, then it dawned on me when the operative started humming the theme to Indiana Jones.

The operative and I had a discussion about how to use the whip then all of a sudden sirens started blaring (you know the Wicker District is dangerous at night).  The operative turned to the right, then to the left and said he had to go.
One last picture of the operative heading back into the shadows of the Wicker District.  Who knows what messages or packages he will deliver next.
I must admit I do look fetching with my new whip and I certainly look like a real archaeologist.  Let's see how this thing works.  Whip it backward.  **Snap**

.  **Snap**  Whip it forward. **Snap**
Looks like I caught a ball. Not bad for an up and coming archaeologist. I wonder if they teach whipping and adventuring when students study archaeology at college?

Thank you Droopy for the cool whip (and other items soon to be blogged about in a future episode of Little Fox, Archaeologist). 


  1. Ah yes, the necessary whip...A must-have for every dashing, aspiring archaeologist. Glad you're able to use it :)

  2. Wicker District... very sketchy place. It rivals Sandy's back alley deals...

  3. It's sketchy in the Wicker District. Best to get in and get out fast.

  4. You're looking more like Indiana Jones! You just need a cool hat.

  5. Verrrrry nice. You are shaping up to be a beary cool archaeologist.