Saturday, March 4, 2017

Sandy makes dinner for the gang

Sandy here, I thought it would be a nice gesture if I made something special for Little Fox and his crew.

Let's see, they have lots of cookbooks to choose from. I wonder if they have any Canadian cookbooks?
I don't see any Canadian cookbooks but I see one from the Florida Keys.
Nothing in that one, perhaps this cookbook from the Grand Canyon might have a recipe or two.

Nothing very Canadian in either book then Little Fox showed me a recipe from the Internet that might work.  Yes, Lamb Shanks in the crockpot is perfect.  I am not sure if it's Canadian but it will do.
Sandy: Little Fox offered to do the trimming of the shanks.  He has great knife skills considering the knife weighs more than him. 
Sandy: I took care of browning the shanks and cutting the onions.  I hope this is tasty. 
Sandy: Looks like it's done.  Just have to create a side dish.  Little Fox do you have any more cookbooks I can look at?
Little Fox: You bet Sandy.
Sandy: After careful examination I found a side that might work.  Creamy polenta with parmesan cheese. 
Sandy; Mama, aren't I doing a good job of stirring the pot?
Sandy: Now, it's time to eat. I better get Little Fox from the other room.
Sandy: Little Fox, are you hungry?
Little Fox: Yes, let's eat.  Hey Sandy, where is the food?
Sandy: Huh, it was here a minute ago, wait, I saw your roommates sneak off with all the food.  What are we going to do?
Little Fox: How about a Pizza?
Sandy: You bet, I will make a call.
Sandy: Oh, this box is perfect.  A pizza and a nice message for my friend Little Fox.
Little Fox: Sandy, thanks for spending time with me and the gang, you are welcome to come and visit anytime!!!!!


  1. Mama: Wow! That looks pretty yummy. I'm glad to see that you still have your culinary skills. They are much needed up here... along with some gardening supervision, and projects for Handy Sandy, and mysterious circumstances that require Sherlock Sandy and even some medical cases for Dr. Sandy! Come on back! Thanks to LF and crew for hosting Sandy!

    1. Thanks for coming down Sandy - hopefully Canadian Goose Airways treats you well.

      Sandy please tell your Mama that I am Sorry about not being able to send any brownies with you on your flight. Last time I flew on Canadian Goose Airways it took me 2 weeks to go 500 KM. I figured the brownies would go bad by the time they made them up to Mama.

    2. Mama: Oy... I remember that. Well... I ordered a new cell phone case that shipped on January 27 and it is still not here. And one of the mid-November Shutterfly calendars arrived in February... not sure what is up at the border.

  2. Replies
    1. They were great. You would have loved the bones.