Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Little Fox, archeologist.

Hello Blog Pals, it is I Little Fox, archaeologist. I am at the Oregon coast looking for lost treasure from years ago.  What a beautiful day to get started.  The sun is out, the beach is quiet (for now) so let's see what I can dig up (archaeology humor). 
Permit?  Since when did people need permits to do archeological work at the beach.  Huh, I better play it safe and postpone my collection, 
What is this contraption? Can any of my stuffy friends explain to me what this does?  
My plans were squashed today but on the bright side the weather is great!  My roommates gave me bites of a cinnamon roll and an apple scone.  Score one for Little Fox!
After a long day at the beach it's best to rest up before a long drive home.
I think I will just relax at this spot for a while until my roommates come and get me. 


  1. Dig up...a ha ha ha ha! You slay me, LF.

  2. I thought you might like that joke.

  3. Can you climb on those great big rocks off the coast? Maybe there is a hidden stuffie treasure up there.

  4. That "contraption" is an antique! We have a few of those up here too. I think yours is missing a door. The ones with doors are where Clark Kent can change into his Superman underwear. Nice pics!