Friday, June 2, 2017

Adventure at the coast (day 1)

My most recent trip to Seattle was beary tiring.  I did a ton of things and had lots of fun.  I think I need to relax.  One of the best places to relax is the Oregon Coast. Let's go!

Hiking always relaxes me and this trail is just for hikers. Perfect.
Some nice peaceful views of a place called "Sand Lake".  Interestingly enough Sand Lake is only 2 feet deep. 
Yipee!  Wild rhododendron's, one of my favorite flowers (after foxglove)  
There were lot of wild rhododendron's but my roommates only had one picture of me and the flowers.

My roommates Sand Lake was only a warm-up hike.   Seems like we are off to another place, Munson Falls.

There is a stream along the trail.  I wanted to stop and enjoy a lunch.  No lunch for me but a nice break at the stream. 
We did have some fresh fish and chips for lunch - yum.  The weather was great and since we had Sequoia we had to eat outside (stupid health laws).  Anyway, I was fortified and ready for the 3rd hike of the day.

Off to Klitchis Point. They had a great bird blind at the end of the trail. 

The bay was nice too.  A certain hiking companion enjoyed playing in the water. 
Whew - what a first day.  I thought this vacation was supposed to help me relax from last weeks but I think I am busier.  A good nap ought to help out.
I wish there were a few more pillows on this bed. 



  1. Looks like you had a wonderful day. Fish & chips? Yum.....

    1. It was great. Does Chef Ben cook fish and chips often?

  2. Nice trip! What is it with health laws and allowing dogs in restaurants? They allow it all the time in Europe... discrimination is what it is... you should approach your Member of Parliament or Legislature or whatever. Campaign for Canine Rights!