Tuesday, June 6, 2017

A day at the coast part 2

My vacation from a vacation has been great.  It's the second day at the Oregon Coast and low tide has allowed me to get to some areas covered by the waves.  
This rock was uncovered when the tide went away and there are a lot of shells on this rock and a few live fish.  Do you see the green thing?  What is that called? 
Looks like a secret low tide cave. 
The wall is awfully steep. 
My rock climbing skills aren't too sharp.  I think I better summon my roommates to help me up the wall. 

The waves were crashing on the rocks near the cave.  I didn't see any fish in the ocean but I know they are in there.  I might need to get a boat? 

A little further down the beach was a kite festival.  Don't I look good against the backdrop of all of these kites? 
Time to head home to work in the garden.  Goodbye Oregon Coast.....for now....


  1. Wow, you're FREE-CLIMBING that wall? You are brave!

  2. Cool! That funny green thing is a sea anemone - they look much prettier when they are underwater.

  3. Wow! Terrific climbing skills LF!