Wednesday, June 21, 2017

Mail from a couple of bears

Big Bear and I were hanging out on the sofa today when Sequoia delivered the mail.  Sequoia was less than interested in our mail and more interested in something going on outside.  

That's OK.  Looks like our friends Jerry and Ben were keeping a secrebeary busy on a trip to Cincinnati.  Did you two try any of the famous Cincinnati chili at the Skyline Diner or visit the Underground Railroad museum?

Can't wait to see the post from your trip!


  1. Sequoia always looks so alert and engaged with the world. What a handsome pup! I think the same postcard got sent to us as well. Bear looks beary festive.

  2. We visited both places, the chili is especially delicious!

  3. Sequoia is a fantastic and well-behaved dog! Parker also delivers mail too.