Saturday, November 30, 2013

Beach, Ice Cream, and Cheese

Well that title basically sums up my after Thanksgiving hike today.  I was antsy yesterday after shopping so I convinced my roommates to take me to the beach today.  I was afraid I might get wet but it was worth a gamble.

Here is my first picture, I figured I would have my roommates take a picture of me before I started.  I think it might rain today, I hope I don't get wet.

We hiked a couple of miles and it was time to rest.  It's nice for them to give me a big stump to think about my day and rest my little fox feet.  "Hmmm, I wonder what I am going to have for dinner tonight?"

Finally, I made it to the beach.  My roommates are not thrilled with me hanging onto the fence.  The beach is so neat I just want to get closer (right now I am on a cliff that is about 500 feet above the beach).  I saw an old boat, lots of seagulls, and a ton of sand (no whales today).

  "Oooh look a friend, I think he is a chipmunk."   My roommate was lucky and caught a quick picture of him as he was running from a rock to the bench.  I hope he is not after my lunch.

Time to head back to the car so we can go to the cheese factory.

Don't worry, I am observing from a safe distance.  The cheese makers are packaging 20 pounds of cheddar.  I wonder if I can take a behind the scenes tour of the cheese factory?  Maybe I can just sneak into the factory, if I get a hairnet and a blue uniform I might just fit in.

 I was a good fox and never sneaked into the factory.  I decided to visit the gift shop instead. I got some cheese curds and saw someone buy some candied salmon (sorry Sandy, I didn't find the part of the store where they bought the candied salmon).  My roommates and I went for Ice Cream in the end, it was a tough choice between flavors: mudslide, huckleberry, or salmon flavored?


  1. Cheese????? CHEESE FACTORY?????? REALLY? Oh, I've got to move...!!

  2. Oh, I've heard that the Oregon coast is most spectacular!! A great place to explore... you are such a lucky fox. And a cheese factory too.. wow... I see Beanie has probably left nose prints all over the computer screen... Cheese...schmeeze... but Candied Salmon!!! Yum!!!

  3. @ Beanie. Come on out, that can be the first place we visit :)
    @Sandy I thought of you when we saw the candied salmon. The weather was sunny which always makes the coast sparkle

  4. What a fun walk, and the cheese looks super yummy!

  5. The cheese was really good and they had lots of free samples. Jerry and Ben; we saw lots of those Canadian tourists yesterday near our house. I think that they were trying to deliver a message...Honk, honk, honk was all I heard.

  6. Little Fox, you know they are Canadian geese if they say "honk, eh?" hehe We think they sometimes deliver mail to us from Sandy. We need to ask if on their way home in the spring they could stop at your house and deliver a postcard from us.

  7. The geese could deliver some candied salmon too!