Thursday, July 10, 2014

Candian Rockies......last days.

I have lost count of what day I am on but I remember the next stop is Lake O'hara.  Now, to get to Lake O'hara you have to make reservations 3 months in advance (or if you don't make reservations you can hike 12KM up and 12KM down to get there).  Needless to say, we made reservations and got to ride on a old school bus that took us up to Lake O'hara and we stopped at a place called "Le Relais" to start our adventure.

After exploring the little store and the lodge (beary expensive for one nights stay) we took a hike to Lake Oesa (it was still covered in snow when we got to the lake, I wish I brought my snowshoes). Along the trial we came across many marmots, pikas, and we saw a couple of other lakes, waterfalls, and streams as well. 


On the way back down from Lake Osea we saw this paw print in the snow.  I thought it was a bear but after further examination I think it’s a cougar pawprint.

Being the sly fox I am I kept hinting at staying at Lake O'hara lodge but apparently my roommates are learning my tricks.  The view of the lake and the mountain reflecting on Lake O'hara (near the lodge) were beary pretty.  

This place is so pretty I don't even mind that I am not in this picture. 
The next day we spent time at Lake Moraine and we got moving beary early because the ranger said that parking is a problem.  I can see why it’s so popular.  We took a hike with some tourists from Spain and explored consolation lakes with our Spanish friends.  Then explored Moraine Lake on our own.  I really liked Moraine Lake, there were lots of mountains and the weather was perfect.  I am a lucky fox. 

 Back to the campground.  Lac Louise campground had an electric fence around it to keep bears out and it worked… bears in our camp.  Also, along the Trans Canada Highway through Banff National Park the animals have specific overpasses only for animals.

No trip to Lac Louise would be complete without visiting Lac Louise.  We hiked to the plain of six glaciers and visited a tea house about 4 miles up the road.  Of course the glaciers were cool and exploring the Fairmont Lake Louise was neat but on our way back some visitors asked us if we had a bottle opener.  I immediately thought of Sandy and his post when he went through his mom’s backpack and questioned the need for a bottle opener. Well, apparently a bottle opener is needed on the trail, my roommate had one on their key chain so they saved the day.  
Lake Louise - isn't that nice that they built this wall for us to relax on?

Staynig cool under a waterfall along the trail to the Plain of 6 Glaciers. 
Enjoying the glaciers and the cool weather up here. 
A quick stop at the tea house seems in order.  I hope they serve lemonade. 

Our last day was spent getting ready to drive home.  We went through Kootenay National Park along the continental divide.  Monkey and I posed for one last picture and then we slept the remaining 11 hours it took us to get home.  
You can bearly see Monkey and I in this picture.


  1. Wow!! Lake O'Hara is beautiful! I have a beary vague recollection of hearing about it... but obviously never been there. And you needed a bottle opener?? Really?? Sigh... Mama is now blowing on her fingernails and buffing them on her shirt... sigh...

  2. Replies
    1. Thanks guys. My pictures don't do any justice to the real scenery.

  3. Wonderful pictures! It's great that Monkey tagged along on this trip, Little Fox. Always nice to have a travel buddy.

  4. Oh wow!!! So very beautiful there! What a lucky Little Fox you are, to get to travel to such places!