Monday, July 7, 2014

Canadian we come!!!!!!!

It’s Summer, Yipee.  We are off on a trip to the Canadian Rockies.  No we aren’t going to visit Sandy….sadly he lives too far out of our way.  Day 1: We (i.e. my roommates) packed up the car and started driving.  Who would have guessed it rained on the first two days, but it did luckily Monkey and I have an adventourous spirit. 
 If you have never been to Canada before it's worth visiting, right Sandy?  It's a big country and the provinces are beary big.  Still driving (day two).  I kept my eyes open for the Canadian Geese that land near our house in November but I haven't seen any of them...I wonder where they are?
We made it!  This is Jasper, Alberta.  Jerry and Ben there are trains traveling through all the two would love it here.  Here I am in front of the school in Jasper, I was hoping the Canadian flag would be easier to see.  Where is Monkey you say?  He's taking the picture of roommates went off to look at souveniers. 
 I hope my roommates are getting me some Maple syrup (to share of course).  This picture is what I was hoping for in regard to the flag.  Canada has a beary pretty flag, it has a big Maple Leaf on it. 

Since we have been driving and exploring Jasper, I think it’s time to get an accommodation for the night.  Monkey and I prefer first class.  I am starting to worry, whenever I ask my roommates what Fairmont Hotel (beary nice and expensive places to stay in Canada, eh) they always change the subject to the weather or what Ben might be cooking at the moment. 

Oh uh, this doesn’t look good.  I think this is our accommodation for the night.  I had a frank discussion with my roommates and they said this was going to be our accommodations for the entire trip (7 days).  I hope it’s waterproof I muttered under my breath…..
Day two: Time for Breakfast and a hike.  My roommates wanted to try this Canadian Food, Tim Hortons.  We don't have it in my part of the USA.  Monkey and I split a strawberry muffin for breakfast....almonst makes up for the tent last night....almo


  1. Oh wow!!! That looks like such fun!! Yes, it is a bit far from where I live but I've been there before. Hope the weather got better.

  2. The weather did get better, much better (especially on the day we wen to the icefields parkway. It was beary fun and beary sad when we crossed back into the USA knowing that our trip was over....

    1. Well that's good to hear. And you got to try out a Timmy's too! I personally am a big fan of the Honey-dip donut... and so is Mama so that works out well for me!

  3. We like your Tent, Little Fox. It has a nice shaded area at the entry that my tent does not have. We are Glad thatyou are Enjoying Canada. Perhaps we shall try (once again) to get there this Christmas thru New Year in Toronto.

  4. The tent did great in a thunderstorm and light rain. I have never been to Toronto but I hear it's a beary nice city to visit. The only place my roommate has been (this was pre fox) in eastern Canada was Niagra Falls.