Wednesday, July 30, 2014

Look out comes Little Fox.

After a short exploration in Southern Idaho I supervised my roommate packing up the campsite and navigated the car to Yellowstone.  Through my keen observation skills I helped my roommate see many Bison.
I saw a bear from a far distance away but I could not get a picture of it.  However. This chap posed for a  picture for me and he seems happy and beary patriot.

 Yellowstone is a beary interesting place.  There are lots of bubbly thermal areas that are beary hot.  I wish I brought materials for smores.

Enough playing around time to do some adventuring. It’s apparently wildflower season in Yellowstone (that works for me).  Observation peak was the first peak I went hiking with my roommate.  It took us a while to get to the peak, lake and wildflowers.

It was worth it.  The flowers were amazing.  
 A little bit of everything here.  Now if I could only find a ranger to help me identify these flowers and bring me snack it would be perfect. 
You can barely see me on the log enjoying the flowers but I am there.

 Nice purple flowers.....They seem to contrast well with my fur. 

The view from the top was great.  Mountains and lakes all around me. 

After adventuring and eating a filling meal of chicken salad my roommate took me to Yellowstone Falls.  There is an upper and lower falls and my sekrebeary did not indicate which falls this is and I am not in this picture.  What's up with that? (ugh, this is going on his performance review).

Time for a nice rest, as you can see I am not staying in a 4 star resort but at least I have my own space.

A long way up to the viewpoint.
Rise and shine, day two.  Off to the Mt. Washburn fire tower.  I heard that I might see some goats along the way.  As you can see these goats are right in the middle of the trail and they were a little too aggressive for my style.  I had to wait them out before they let me across the trail.
Since the weather was hazy (apparently from the forest fires in Oregon, Washington and Idaho) I convinced my roommate to help me explore some fancy hotels. I did the exploring, he sat in the lobby and rested. 

Manmouth Hot Springs
Yellowstone Lake Lodge

 My last lunch at Yellowstone.  I enjoyed my chicken salad while resting on the dashboard of the car looking out across Yellowston Lake.  Beary relaxing...



  1. You are such a lucky fox!! Mama says she's been there too... but I think that really means she should be my tour guide. Are you sure you're not headed for Jerry & Ben??

    1. I think you mama would be a great tour guide to Yellowstone! Sadly we didn't make it as far east and Jerry and Ben's place....maybe next Summer.

      I am debating internally which place I liked better....Yellowstone or the Ice Fields Parkway. I am leaning toward the Ice Fields Parkway.....the day we drove it was absolutley amazing (and it was also Canada Day which was fun to see all the patriotic Canadians)

    2. Maybe we should plan a stuffie gathering where we could all gather! Too bad you couldn't go farther east... Glad to hear the weather was fantastic for your Ice Fields drive - it is really spectacular. And we Canadians can be patriotic... in an understated Canadian kind of way, eh.