Tuesday, July 8, 2014

Good news from the mail man

I was relaxing on the sofa and the doorbell rang.  I jumped up hoping it was one of my stuffy friends visiting but it was the mail man instead.  He gave me a package and I had to sign for it....if only I had a pen to do that???

Both items were from Ajdin.  One is this cool card from Beanie sent via Ajdin.  Beanie I had my seKrebeary register the card on your blog.  I hope they did it right.
The other item is this neat pen.....with this dashing animal on it.  What kind of animal is it you ask, a fox of course!  Now I finally have a pen that is all mine.  Hmm, this pen is taller than I am I might have a problem here.
I know I will ask Drunk Fox for his help when I need to write something down with the pen.  Thanks for helping out Drunk Fox and thanks Ajdin for the cool pen and the neat card!!!!!!!!!!!


  1. Mail is always good to get! And I love the new header picture from Moraine Lake!

  2. Mail is always fun to get. Good job on identifying Moraine Lake - beary impressed.

    1. Oh those mountains... that blue... that pile of rock from a landslide that created the lake... can't mistake that!

  3. glad you like the pen, Little Fox. They didn't have any smaller sizes!