Sunday, September 7, 2014

A nice relaxing hike.....................

Hola Amigos,
No, I didn’t just get from a trip to Mexico (sigh)  just thought I would spice up my greeting.   On my hike today to Tom, Dick and Harry Mountain I did see something that I think all of us stuffies should visit.  I love Salmon and Huckleberries….clearly this is the place for me.

 We hiked up to the top of the mountain today.  The wildflowers are past their prime (by the way Jerry how is your garden holding up?).  I did see lots of these red berries but I was afraid to eat them just in case they gave me an upset stomach.  It’s no fun being sick.
We hustled up to the top of the mountain to see a beary nice view of Mt. Hood.  From this viewpoint you can usually see Mt. Adams, Mt. Jefferson, and Mt. St. Helens but there was too much smoke or smog in the air for any of that today.  It was a great lunch stop.  
There is a lake down below, it’s called Mirror Lake.  I hope I can see Mt. Hood’s reflection in it when I get there.
No luck, but that’s OK.  I think I might just sit here on the dock of the bay and relax.
Usually when we finish a hike it’s time to go home.  Interestingly today we had some extra time so we ventured off to see Timberline Lodge on Mt. Hood.  I would highly recommend it, of course they didn’t serve Starbucks but nobody is perfect.

Being thirsty I decided to see what was happening in the bar.  The bar was closed (huh) but it was animal themed so that’s cool.  The Blue Ox Bar at Timberline Lodge looked beary interesting, I was hoping they would serve me a nice cold beer or at least a nice cool glass of iced tea.  I do like the mosiac in the back, seems like something Beanie might enjoy as well. 

I decided to explore the rest of the lodge.  They had this cool room with a wooden ping pong table and a shufflebear table.   
I saw this big group of people heading outside so I figured I should follow.  They were going to a big patio overlooking Mt. Hood.  Lucky for me they had this nice fence for me to pose on.  Hmm, maybe I will see if the bar is open now?….


  1. Ooh, that metal fox sculpture thing is beary cool!

    1. The bar is based around Paul Bunyan and Babe the Blue Ox (that is what the metal sculpture thing is supposed to be). Wasn't Paul Bunyan from your neck of the woods?

    2. That sculpture is supposed to be Babe?? I don't think so... definitely a fox... perhaps the fox named Robin Hood!

    3. Paul Bunyan was indeed from Minnesota, and there are some sculptures of him around the state.

  2. Little Fox, when will take your flag and put it at the top of Mount Hood?

  3. My sekrebearies forgot the flag this weekend. Don't worry it's going on their performance evaluation at the end of the year.

  4. I like the flag idea too... although Mt. Hood looks beary high. Be careful around Mt. St. Helens... it might burp...