Sunday, September 14, 2014

Bearheart Beach, Oregon Coast Road Trip

Just like Sandy this weekend I took a road trip as well (apparently great minds think alike).  We went to the Oregon Coast but my roommates didn’t let me stop at a certain coffee shop for my morning cup of joe.  Instead we drove straight through.

I found a variety of interesting things on the beach.  Hmm, I wonder what animal prints these belong to?

Do you see that boat in the distance?  It was one of three or four fishing boats I saw today, do they fish for Salmon this close to the beach?  I wonder if they would be sell me any of that fresh fish?

Is that a full sand dollar?  I think it is, these are very rare for me to find on the beach because usually I am at the beach too late in the day and they are gone or I find them broken on the beach.
I was actually hoping for more sand castles on the beach to play on.  This is the only one I found available for a stuffy to play on.  Not the most elaborate sand castle ever but it will have to do.  I bet if Jerry and Ben were hear they could use some of Jerry's gardening tools to make some neat castles for us to play in.   Actually, could I get a little help getting up to the top?
Look at all of these seagulls.  I thought my roommates were going to let me chase one down for lunch.  No, apparently that wasn’t their plan.  They did let me chase them with the condition that I would not each any.  

The weather was absolutely perfect at the beach.  I could see light houses, boats, and the coast range of mountains that surround this section of the beach.  I am a beary lucky fox, indeed
Apparently, visiting the beach wasn’t the only thing my roommates had in mind.  They purchased passports to a local brew pub chain and when they get stamps at each pub they work toward a grand prize.  We explored the SandTrap Pub at Mcmenamin’s Bearheart.  They have a nice club house area for me to relax.
Cool fireplaces.  Sandy, is that what your fireplace is going to look like?  Hey is that beer for me?  Mmmm, it’s some sort of honey beary beer.

Another pint for me, it’s ok I am not driving.


  1. Beautiful weather Little Fox!! And building sandcastles sounds like a lot of fun - even more fun when the tide comes in and all of a sudden your moat is filled with water and the waves are battering down the walls... always handy to have a human around in those cases. By the way... it seems like you may, perhaps, possibly... had one honey beer too much... you kinda look like drunk fox there!

  2. I look kind of drunk but I think it's the angle of the photos :)

    1. Mmmm... maybe in some of them. But in the last you, you definitely look horizontal and possibly comatose. Unless you are scoping out a cool shot for the camera?

  3. That's a fun sandcastle Little Fox. Did you try to bury yourself in the sand also?

    1. The sandcastle was fun to play around. I didn't get a chance to bury myself in the sand, the tide was starting to come in and I was getting beary nervous.

    2. Oh, that could be dangerous - being buried in the sand and then being inundated by salt water. Most stuffies don't do well in those situations...