Friday, October 23, 2015

Happy Anniversary Sequoia!

It's been a while for me to post.  You are probably thinking I have been adventuring, hiking, traveling, or exploring but the truth is I have been nurturing my inner "couch potato."   Anyway, that doesn't' have much to do with Sequoia's anniversary which is coming up soon and frequent readers you know that I am always up for a good party.

Sequoia's birthday is in June but we celebrate his anniversary which is October 31.  Let's see, what should I do to celebrate?  I know I will make something in the kitchen for him and I can probably use my dog bone cookie cutter I got in Colorado to stamp out fun shapes for Sequoia.

After a quick google search I found numerous recipes for dog treats.  I find it interesting that they are also rated with stars.  Do you think the dog is communicating with their humans telling them what to put in the reviews?

Who knew?

I see a lot of recipes use beef bouillon to flavor the treats but my roommates tell me there might be some garlic or onion in the bouillon which are not good for dogs so those are out.

These seem interesting.

 I think I found one that might work.  It has whole wheat flour, peanut butter (unsalted), baking powder and one cup skim milk.   This is the picture from the internet, we'll see if my biscuits look as nice as these. 

 Now that I have my recipe it's time to go to the store to get the supplies.


  1. "Woof, woof, arf, bow wow, arf!" That is Ben and Jerry wishing Sequoia a beary happy anniversary!

    1. Arf arf bow wow. That's Sequoia saying thank you Jerry and Ben.

  2. From one dog to another, happy anniversary Sequoia!

    1. Thanks, should I get Sequoia some bacon for his anniversary?

  3. Sometimes I will see treats at the pet store that look like human food chocolate chip cookies and Oreo cookies. Perhaps the dog will give a certain number of barks of tail wag combinations that indicate the star rating their humans should give. Of course, perhaps the humans also try a bite themselves.

    Happy anniversary Sequoia!