Monday, October 12, 2015

New Friends, names wanted.

Hello Blog Pals,
Due to some unforeseen circumstances we have two new stuffy pals that have moved in with us.  Blog pals meet Rabbit and Bear.
Rabbit seems to be waving hello.

Do they have proper names?  No, but they both expressed an interest in having real names.  More on that later, let's have a party to welcome our new friends.

Every good party needs some drinks.  I will have to find something that is non-alcoholic for Drunk Fox.
Definitely need some beverages.  Not a lot of non-alcoholic options for Drunk Fox.  

Once the alcohol came out looks like Little Bear decided to get in on the action.

Hmm, perhaps some food is needed for our welcome party as well.
Since Rabbit is a vegetarian I figure it's best to find something that he can eat
Something for dessert?  Hmm, we don't have much dessert around the house.  Aha, this will do.

The party went beary well. Little Bear is an excellent bartender. I am surprised he didn't have any coffee liquor available.

Everyone was beary tired after the party.
 Now it's time to get down to business.  It has come to my attention that Rabbit and Bear need proper names.  This might be difficult for my roommates since theirnaming ability is weak at-best.
For example: this guy is named Reindeer.

Over here we have Big Bear.
 Of course this group is Little Bear, Drunk Fox, and Little Fox.

 Bear and Rabbit asked me to ask my stuffy friends to help choose there names.  Blog pals can you send some names my way to help out my new friends?  Bear and Rabbit are waiting patiently.


  1. Whoa whoa whoa... wait a minute... are you all of drinking age? I need to see some IDs here.

    My mom likes those Harvest Snap peas also.

    I think it would be odd calling you by a different name, Little Fox - there is only one Little Fox!

    1. Those Harvest Snacks are good aren't they? I have to admit this but our bartender, Little Bear, didn't check any IDs but we are all of age.

  2. My friend Lieutenant Augustus Henry Fox Lane Pitt River the bear got his name from a Bloo Plark we saw in London. Last time we were in London we found two more Bloo Plarks - one said Ram Mohun Roy who was an Indian Scholar and Reformer and the other said Lord Palmerston who was a Prime Minister and Foreign Secretary. Maybe one of those names would suit your new friends?

    1. Oh, actually it's Lieutenant General Augustus.....!!!! Oops! Don't tell him we forgot part of his title!!

  3. Hmmm... Beanie has a good idea there... I know at the SPCA, they name stray animals (a) after the place they were found (so Milton is named after Milton Street - not sure what happens if they're found on Fifth) (b) after physical features (like colouring) or (c) after mannerisms (Angel and Peppy). Sooo... I think we need a bit more information about these two - sort of a background... any hobbies... where are they from... maybe a close up photograph of each. Naming stuffies is a beary demanding task...

    1. Good point, I better get some more information.

    2. I agree, it's nice to choose a name that has some specific meaning or reflects some aspect of personality...

  4. For rabbit, Ben suggests: Nibbles
    For bear, Jerry suggests: Jerry (wait, that is already taken!) How about George or Sebastian?

    1. Great names. Interestingly that Jerry would choose Jerry as a name.....

    2. Well, would anyone expect anything else from Jerry?