Friday, October 9, 2015

Waterfall hike

I had a couple of hours before a nice meal at my friend Monkey's house and I convinced my roommates to take me on a hike before dinner.

We headed out to Latourell Falls in the waterfall region of our state.  Before the hike began I thought I would pose at the bottom of the waterfall before we started our hike upward.
At the top of the waterfalls you come across upper Latourell falls (creative naming eh?).
This waterfall is kind of cool because there are fewer tourists and you can get the most of the waterfall in your camera. 

Along the trail we met up with lots of dogs and there were also a few good viewpoints as well. 

As you can see the weather is perfect.  My roommates are really putting out all the stops for their mid-year review.  Maybe I am getting soft in my old age but between this and the airshow I might almost give them a passing score.  


  1. Did Sequoia come along on this hike as well?

    Little Fox, you are losing your edge. Remember, nothing is ever good enough for a stuffie.

  2. So true, Ajdin. You are right, I need to keep high standards.

  3. Trips, good food, and hot chocolate can easily boost an annual review! Just keep suggesting that the review is currently low-ish, and you'll reap in the goodies!

  4. Cool - I do think though that you are being smarmed (is that a word?) by your humans... Still... a hike is a hike is a hike!