Monday, January 18, 2016

Early Birthday for Little Fox

Hello Blog Pals, this is Drunk Fox at the helm today.  My roommates gave me $5.00 for Little Fox's birthday gift.  I know exactly what to get him, a $5.00 gift card to Starbucks.  On the way to Starbucks I stopped by the grocery store and found an even better gift for him  (and I saved my roommates $.33 to boot).  
How do you wrap a whole chicken?  Of course, it''s got to be a gift bag. 
Now that the gift is wrapped I am going to give it to Little Fox early to really surprise him.  

Little Fox seemed to have some trouble getting into the gift.  Luckily his friends were nearby to shout encouragement.  

Little Fox can't stop gushing about how much he loves his gift, now it's time to start carving this chicken up.  Happy Birthday Little Fox.


  1. Happy Birthday Little Fox!!! (is your birthday Jan. 19)? Our card will be a little late.

    1. Hi Guys,
      Thanks for the birthday wishes. My Birthday is the 19th but Drunk Fox certainly surprised me with an early gift. Stay warm today, the forecast says -3. BRRRF

  2. happy birthday Little Fox! check your email

  3. Happy Birthday LF! I sent you an e-card, hope you got it. Enjoy your chicken dinner.

  4. the winter storm edishun of the teddy tedaloo times iz out!