Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Snow Mystery Part 2

As my readers remember there was some snow a few days ago.  I saw some mysterious prints and I think I have figured out one set.  Let's see, I was trying to figure out this set of prints.
A good detective has to be observant.  It didn't take long to see a certain dog exploring in the snow.  My deduction is that this print belongs to Sequoia. 
Sequoia's print is certainly different than the other one.   Definitely a smaller animal, could be a stuffy.  
I looked to my right and then my left and think I found the owner.  It's reindeer (another reindeer, there are a handful that hang around our house this time of the year).  This reindeer has the perfect fur for an outing in the snow.  Let's see where we are going.
Looks like the snow hit the spider web perfectly. 
Final stop is the garden.  I think reindeer is done with ferrying me around the garden.     
I am no meteorologist but it seems that the snow might be done for the day.  That's good, I am a fair weather fox and I believe it's time for cookies and hot chocolate.  Adjo, (Swedish for goodbye). 


  1. Is there enough snow to make a snow fox??

  2. Sadly no, we only had about an inch or so. Do you think Jerry could send some snow my way? I will keep my eyes out for a package from the Post Office, hmm maybe you better send it UPS overnight.

  3. We had a bit of snow like that... but nothing stuck around long enough to make a snow-bear. Sigh... although... I have been promised a trip in my future... maybe somewhere with REAL snow...