Friday, January 29, 2016

Little Fox's Recipe Contest 2016

 Reindeer has been busy lately working on his memoir and cookbook.  Being a vegetarian Reindeer in a non-vegetarian house is difficult for my friend.  Here is a sneak peak of the cover.  I am sure he will have some great vegetarian recipes.

The basis of Reindeer's title is what he says everytime my roommates add meat to a meal.  They made fish chowder recently and Reindeer was beary excited until they added the fish.  Once they made spaghetti and he was super happy until they added the meatballs.  Now, he will always hang around the table, watch the cooking preparations and then say in an exasperated tone,  "Another good meal ruined" when the meat, fish, or chicken is added.

Me, I am a carnivore and will happily eat anything.  I have decided to create a recipe contest to solicit ideas for my upcoming cookbook.  Food by Fox.

Rules for the contest:
1) Recipe submissions due on February 25th.  You can use your own recipe, one from a magazine, one from the Internet, whatever you want is fine with me.
2) Recipes can be for anything you want.  Fish, meat, vegetarian, you get the idea.
3) Any meal is open game.  Breakfast, Lunch, Dinner, Dessert, Midnight snacks; anything is fair game.
4) More than one stuffy may submit.  For example, Droopy can submit a recipe and then Spunky might submit a "little" something as well.

Prizes will be awarded in the following categories.
Easiest Preparation
Coolest Named Dish
Honorable Mention
Regional Favorite
Judges Favorite
Easiest Cleanup
Budget Meal
****Note: A recipe can win in more than one category.

Speaking of the judges let me introduce you to everyone.

There's me, Little Fox.  Friend to all cooks, a self proclaimed expert on trail food and always happy to jump in and do the dishes.

Who brought the trail mix?
Drunk Fox.  An expert in bar food, drinks, and always knows the best happy hour in town.
Does anyone have any mixers handy?

Kermit the Frog: An all around good guy who can keep the peace at the dinner table (and keep the guests entertained at any dinner party).

Sequoia: Not the most discriminating palate out there.  His food philosophy is "If it's on the ground, I'll eat it".  Hmm, maybe I will use that as the title in my next cookbook.

To round out the group we must include Little Bear.  Now, Little Bear wants all the bears to know that just because he might be a long lost cousin doesn't mean he will give any favors.  Although, he is partial to salmon, anything from Starbucks, and the "finer" things in life.
Little Bear is curious if anyone knows any of the items on Starbucks secret menu.

Each judge has sworn to uphold the rules of the contest and impartially judge each recipe.  My roommates have been kind enough to help me make all the recipes and purchase the ingredients.

Ok, I am excited to see your submissions!  Send them off to by February 25th!

 Thanks for reading ---
Little Fox, et. al.


  1. I like how Little Bear warned us he would not be swayed...and then promptly suggested how we could sway him :)

    1. Consistency is not one of his strong points, but us other judges will keep him honest.

  2. ...And Spunky says "HEY! What do you mean, a 'little' something?"

  3. Tell Spunky I meant he could do small plates, small plate restaurants are very trendy now.

  4. Oooohhh... I like it! Can I submit one from each category or do I need to recruit other stuffies?

    1. Great question, I ran it by the committee and they all agreed that you can submit to more than one category on your own. Of course, if you want to recruit other stuffies you can do that as well.

  5. Ben is really excited about the contest! Jerry just wants to know if he can sample the end products.

    1. Do you think Jerry would like to be a judge? It would be great to have him on our team. I can use Fish Express to send him samples of the food.

  6. I am beary excited for this contest. Thanks for hosting!

  7. No problem, can't wait to see what you submit.