Tuesday, March 22, 2016

Bear's Hotel

 Apparently before one enters the Bear's Hotel one must take a Southern Oregon adventure and in this case my adventure begins here:
I wanted the bear next to me to be my tour guide but unfortunately he has to "man" the entrance to the Bears Hotel.
According to the sign these are the places I will visit along my route.  Let's go!
Lighting was not great in the adventure but there were plenty of animals to join me along the way.

I would not want to mess with this wolf. He kind of looks rabid but I am sure he is up-to-date on his shots.  

This raccoon is pretty sly, I think I will make him an honorary fox. 

Now that my Southern Oregon adventure was complete I was able to explore the Bear's Hotel.  The  Bear's Hotel is where the Bears "rest" during the fall, winter and spring months.  During the summer they are displayed throughout town Bear Fest. Let's meet some of these bears.

Cub Tut.

Music Bear

These pies look good. 

One bear band.
All of this adventuring has made me thirsty.  Thankfully there is an old time bear tender with a cold beverage for this fox. 
A couple of shots of the rest of the gang.  

My favorite

Who knew bears made such amazing works of art.  Can't wait to go back when the bears are on display during Bear Fest 2016.


  1. Cool! I had no idea there were so many famous and cool bears down there.

    1. Pretty amazing huh? It's a secretive hotel and only open M-F but worth the hassle.

  2. Bear adventure? Bear hotel? pies? salmon? where do we sign up?!?!?

    1. Keep your eyes posted Jerry, I have a post you might be beary beary interested in soon.

  3. Replies
    1. Maybe it can be the next location for your tours.

  4. I also like the aviator bear. Was that Amelia Bearhart?...

    1. Good call, there was no title but that clearly makes sense. you are a natural at naming bears.