Friday, March 25, 2016

Nature HIke

 My nature hike today started off near this Sequoia tree.  Apparently, a local dignitary planted the tree is in the 1860s and it's the oldest Sequoia tree in Oregon.
Sequoia the dog wasn't with us on this nature hike but I, Little Fox, can narrate for you. 
 Spring is in full force.
These smell good. 
Now that I have made it to the top of the viewpoint you can see Mt. McLoughlin in the distance.
The nature park was on an old mining claim so as I ventured down I had a chance to see all sorts of historical equipment. 
Behind me is an old earthen dam used as a way to collect water for hydraulic mining which was done on this hill until the 1940s.  I am no engineer, but essentially hydraulic mining involves spraying a lot of water forcefully at a hill, moving rocks and dirt, and seeing what minerals (gold in this case) are left over.   

Hmm what's this?  Looks like a water gun.  I better explore. 

Old rusted pipes.  Interesting. 
Looks like a mining sluice. 
Up close to the water gun.  It might be a tad heavy for me to operate.
This mining operation probably took a toll on the hillside - luckily the residents of the town banded together to preserve the history of the hill and the land.  Now, they have a growing wine county and many agribusinesses.  As you can see the deer have come back to the hills (maybe they never left) either way it was a good spot for me to relax.
Speaking of relaxing, let's hit some of these wineries.  

No, I am in the Mediterranean, sigh.

Are these Koi?

What? I have to drink my wine out of a paper cup?  


  1. Great hike! Do you ever seen any of our cousin bears when you hike?

    1. I haven't seen any bears on hikes but sometimes I do see other stuffies (rarely, but sometimes). I have seen a large, non-stuffy bear once in Sequoia National Park - it was pretty cool (from a safe distance of course).

  2. Sequoia the dog and Sequoia the tree need to meet!

  3. Cool! How's your garden coming? Was Sequoia (the dog) back at home digging some holes?

    1. Sequoia was with the dog sitter - I should have put him to work digging holes that's a great idea. We have lettuce, cilantro, and onions planted and there are some sprouts coming up. Tomatoes, peppers, and basil will probably go in late May. What about you?