Sunday, March 27, 2016

Heaven on Earth Cinnamon Rolls

My roommates are being a little too sneaky for my taste.  Sequoia is with the dog sitter and they told me to pack my bags - of course I don't have any bags to pack so I just grabbed a seat in the car.   I got in the car first and chose some good driving music  

My roommates heard of this bakery along the highway and when we pulled into the parking lot I was a little confused. Err, this places seems a little "dilapidated".

My roommates told me to turn around and this is what I saw: Ahh this looks better.  I am still wondering what my roommates have in mind for me.

This restaurant is called "Heaven on Earth" lets see if they live up to the name.
Ok, I have to give my roommates credit.  They seemed to have found a good bakery.  This pan is a large apple crisp.  Not my favorite but a good job.  Do you he see the cinnamon rolls in the background?

Jerry, do you think they they are looking for a taster?  I can submit your resume.

Let's see what else they have in the bakery?  Not the best picture in the world but look at all of these baked goods.
I could really sink my teeth into these cinnamon rolls.  I haven't seen so many in all of my travels.  
So many choices - my roommates told me I could not get a tray of anything but I did get this large cinnamon roll.  It's almost as big as I am.  This is perfect!

I don't say this often but my roommates are certainly getting good marks for this roadside stop.  I will have to make a note in their evaluation.


  1. Wow...that looks scrumptious! Did they have any maple bacon donuts? :)

  2. No, but there is a place in town that sells Maple Bacon donuts, I might need to take a trip out there.