Saturday, April 9, 2016

Little Fox Archaeologist and Wildflower Explorer

I have always wanted to be an archaeologist and today is my lucky day.  I am up at an abandoned ranch that now has some neat hiking trails and some great wildflowers.
 This is a comfy post although I should be careful of the barbed wire.  Mt. Hood in the background even a small white wildflower to the right.

 It seems that archaeologists should be careful.  Don't worry friends I didn't get too hurt, nothing that a large hot chocolate won't fix.
 Sequoia to the rescue.
 Best I relax a moment at this stream.  The water is beary cold but I have to admit I look pretty cool hanging out at the stream.

 Right-O back to the archaeologist adventure.  Looks like an old horse corral in the background.  Upon further inspection the corral is in bad shape.

 This new fence (you can see glimpse to the left) is courtesy of the Forest Service is protecting a rock arch that is sacred to the Native American's who lived worshiped hear.

 Flowers are looking good, aren't they?

I think my roommates need a better camera to pick up all the colors.
I wished there was more areas to practice archaeology - I bet Sequoia would be a valuable asset to help me dig holes.  Speaking of practicing, I think my roommates might need to practice their videography skills as well.
  Now that I have caught the archaeology bug I better find an Indiana Jones movie to watch on Netflix.


  1. Nice adventure - it definitely looks like spring is well under way. Is that Mt. Hood in the background? You looked rather excited on the video - maybe your human videographers have trouble keeping up with an excited fox?

    1. After falling into the barbed wire I guess my adrenaline was pumping which probably made me a little more excited on the video.

  2. Yeowch at the barbed wire. Will you add that to your secretary's annual evaluation?

    Great video - that was a beautiful day! keep them coming

    1. Falling into the barbed wire was entirely my fault. It was pretty windy and I knew I was not really "stable" on that fence post but luckily the wire missed all vital organs.

  3. Beautiful! The mountains look amazing!

  4. Thanks - sadly there was no stop at a drive in on the way home for lunch, *sigh*