Sunday, April 3, 2016

Spring Wildflowers are out!

We have been lucky to have a few days of sun in a row and I have a good feeling that some wildflowers are going to be out in bloom.  Let's go see.

I think I will take a little break at this table while my roommates get Sequoia set up with his leash, harness, and some dog chow.
Enough with the break, I better check the map as well.  I learned from Ajdin's stuffy tours it's always good to check maps before any trip.  This map looks easier to understand than the DC Metro Subway so that's good for me.
The Deschutes River is fed by melting snow - in this part of Oregon we only get 11 inches of rain per year - compared to where I live in the state where we get about 40 inches per year.  This river looks pretty calm right now. 

I left my wildflower guide at home but I know this is a tree so it's name would not be in it anyway.  Who cares?  The blooms are wonderful.

One of my favorite wild flowers - Lupine.  
Sequoia seems to be enjoying himself.  So many different smells are out here - it's like a buffet of smells for this dog. 
Could it be?  I better get closer to examine but it looks like it might be one of my favorite flowers.
Yes! Yes!  Yes!!!!!! 

The Balsamroots are out.  Balsamroot is a part of the daisy family and is closely related to the sunflower (go figure).  It's a perfect sized flower for this little fox to pose next to. The vibrant yellow is a nice contrast for a little fox who lives in a cloudy region of the country. 
I like this picture a lot.  First, this rock is perfect for holding me up while I pose and you can see the balsamroot and a couple of lupine in the same shot.  
No lunch on this hike but my roommates promised we would enjoy lunch elsewhere.  Apparently we are headed to "Big Jim's" drive in, I hope they have chicken!!!


  1. Nice! That last pic is quite nice... you got the river in the background too. It almost looks like you are climbing out of a cleft in the rock.

    1. Thanks - I needed that cleft in the rock to stabilize me, it was kind of windy.

  2. Deschutes--that's French for "some falls"--are there rapids or waterfalls nearby?

    Jerry wants to know more about this Jim's Drive-in--and what's the address? hehe

  3. Tell Jerry it's only 1646.7 miles from your town to Big Jims. It's kind of close to an Amtrak stop too, I know how you two love trains....

    There are lots of waterfalls and rapids on the Deschutes, I have lived here almost all of my life and know I know something new. Thanks - I wonder if it was named by the French Fur Traders many years ago -

    1. Must be names for the falls, sounds like a wonderful place, but it might be a long hike, even for us, to walk all the way from our place to Big Jims...

  4. a lovely hike LF! Sequoia seems to be enjoying himself beary much