Tuesday, April 5, 2016

NCAA Basketball Bracket Winner

Hello Blog Pals,
I have been busy crunching numbers, examining spreadsheet after spreadsheet, and analyzing a ton of information - no I am not paying my taxes (hmm, probably should think about doing that soon) but I am trying to figure out who won our NCAA Contest.

Our contestants were: Drunk Fox, Big Bear, Ajdin, and me (along with "canvoota" whoever that is).  If you are a stuffy "canvoonta" welcome, if not thanks for playing anyway.  But being this a contest for stuffies I am going to remove "canvoota's scores" unless I hear otherwise.

Drunk Fox came in first place with a total of 87 points.
 He chose Kansas Jayhawks to win but Drunk Fox only likes the Jayhawks because it reminds him of his favorite food, chicken.  Anyway, back to the results - the Jayhawks lost to Villanova and that pretty much ended Drunk Fox's bracket.

Big Bear came in second with 86 points and almost had first place.
He too chose the Jayhawks to win but not because the Jayhawks remind him of chicken - his reasons for choosing Kansas are only known by Big Bear.

I, Little Fox, came in third.
I chose University of Arizona to win.  Every year they are in the tournament I chose the University of Arizona to win.  I didn't attend that school, have only been to Tuscon once but I just adopted that school for Basketball (along with Univ of Montana as my adopted Football School - because there mascot is the Grizzly)  and every year I choose them to win and every year they don't come close.  Someday they are bound to win.

PS - I had 45 points - didn't do too hot.

Finally, my stuffy tour guide friend Ajdin.
 He chose Duke University to win.  A strong player in the NCAA tournament and an excellent choice (versus throwing it all away every year with Univ of Arizona) but sadly Ajdin came in last.  That being said, he was in great company being only 6 points below me, Little Fox.

As with every good contest we must talk about the prizes.  Ajdin, I might send your prize along with the recipe contest prize - but it's coming in the future.  I still have to make a few recipes for the contest but don't worry it will arrive in the future - sometime...

Thanks for playing everyone!


  1. Congrats everyone. I have to admit, I don't know much about the NCAA. Maybe I'll "bone" up (get it?) on my knowledge before next year's contest.

    1. We would be honored to have you Patch and Spunky join us next year.

  2. Hey... where are you Droopy???? Hmmm... Droopy's posting comments but is M.I.A. on his blog. Beary suspcious! Plus... he posted just 4 minutes after Jerry & Ben... more suspicious. Could it be that Droopy is being held hostage by a certain honey-crazed bear... and made to submit a comment at claw-point to make everything look normal??? Beary good question!

    1. Good deduction Sandy, or should I say Sherlock Sandy?

  3. I am not beary good at picking teams..

    1. That's OK. You should have claimed Cavoonta's points. No one would be the wiser:) You get a super special prize for coming in last so you got that going for you.