Monday, April 18, 2016

Recipe Contest Update #1

I can't believe how many recipes I have gotten from my recipe contest.  In fact some of the recipes were seasonal and now it seems odd to be making some of these items in the Spring. Anywho, let's get down to business. 

Recipe: Ben's Spinach Pomegranate Salad
Chef: Ben

Reindeer is very interested in this dish.  Reindeer thinks the feta cheese, baby spinach and pomegranate make an excellent combination.  As a tried and true vegetarian Reindeer gives this two paws up.  Thanks Chef Ben.

Our next entry is from Jerry and Ben's friend Jake.  It's called Jake's Special Cranberry Chicken Wraps.  These wraps have chicken, feta cheese, baby spinach and some miracle whip to hold it all together.  Jake these were delicious, Drunk Fox and I are partial to chicken recipes.  Way to go. 
Another recipe for Reindeer courtesy of my friend up north.  Sandy submitted this awesome spinach dip recipe.  Reindeer appreciates the vegetarianness of this meal and Drunk Fox likes this recipe because it reminds him of bar food/bar appetizers.  Rarely do Reindeer and Drunk Fox agree on a dish but this is one that meets both of their tastes.

Ben shared another recipe called Ben's so good and easy party meatballs.  Drunk Fox is all about this one.  He loves meatballs (we made these with Turkey as per Ben's suggestion), created a great dip with chili sauce and grape jelly, and baked them in the oven.
A cooked set of meatballs courtesy of Ben sure brings out a crowd. 
All of this good food needs a dessert type dish.  This next one comes from our tour guide friend.  Freshly bake banana bread is one of our favorites.  Little Bear loves the bread (probably reminds him of something you could pick up at Starbucks) Reindeer appreciates the vegetarianness of this recipe, and I am always happy to try banana bread fresh out of the oven.  
Round one has been very successful.  I need to get on my roommates to help me make the recipes for round two which include:
1) Ben and Jerry's Poor Bear Soup
2) Ben's curried squash soup
3) A special dessert from Jerry
4) Bacon wrapped pork tenderloin from Sandy
5) Dark Hot Chocolate from Sandy


  1. Wow! Cooking up a storm! will you post the complete recipes? They look good

    1. Yes, posting the recipes is on my to do list

  2. Three guesses as to which recipe interests me the most.