Monday, July 4, 2016

Happy Independence Day

Big Bear and I were sitting around talking about how we should celebrate Independence Day.  We missed Canadian Independence Day and we are early for Bastille Day.  Big Bear suggested putting out the flag for our countries Independence Day.  
I dug the flag bracket out of the garage and inspected it. It looks like it's in great shape.  In fact the screws are still in the plastic.  Of course you need a flag to attach.  Let's see if I can find that. 
The first part of the project went smoothly.  Now, I realize the downfall of being a smaller sized fox.  Big Bear is helpful but I think I need a bigger bear than him to help with the heavy lifting and placement of the flag.  I know, I will text Uncle Tibbs and see if he can come over and lend a paw.  

In the meantime; Happy Independence Day!


  1. What happened to Big Bear's foot? And did he just travel to Hawaii?

  2. Happy Independence Day Little Fox & crew! I have the same questions as the Dark Knight...

  3. I echo Droopy's question... what happened to Big Bear's foot? Does he need a medic? I am a Bear Cub Scout and trained in field medicine.

    Uncle Tibbs also stands ready to provide installation assistance.