Saturday, July 9, 2016

Bears, Bears, Bears....and a game of find Little Fox

After a relaxing day hanging out in the National Scenic Area I decided to wander around town.  Oh my, I could not believe how many bears live in this town - they are out their winter hibernation location (Bear Hotel) and on the streets.  Hopefully they are not causing trouble or bothering others.  Let's see.

Do you see me?  I love these bears - I bet they are going on a hike. 
Sequoia is a little skeptical of this adventure.  He is not really sure what's going on. 

 Do you see me?
I better try a little harder at hiding.  Do you see me now?
That's right, this upcoming bear is named Barry Potter.  Can you spot me? 
These two bears lucked out in a prime location by a coffee shop.  Do you think the employees bring these bears hot chocolate on cold mornings?  Do you see me?

Meet Bar Back Bear

Say hello to the Ringmaster Bear.

I call this bear "Ben"

I call this one "Jerry"
Being in the Northwest we need to celebrate our logging heritage. Can you spot me?
Front row seat. 
Do you think this rafting company does tours for Stuffies?  Ajdin, maybe you can arrange a tour for all of us?
Can anyone say dinner?  Ok, I have to admit I did a better job of hiding in this statue.  Can you see me?

A much needed break.  This bear knows how to relax. 
Ok, so might have noticed a theme in this post.  Pictures of bears and me.  Now, if you can find me in this last picture - send me an email with the location and if you are the lucky winner of my random drawing a prize is on your way.