Wednesday, August 31, 2016

A trip to Detroit

Hello Blogger Pals,
My roommates told me we were taking a trip to Detroit soon.   I hope we get to see some cool sites:  Maybe we can start at the the Tuskgee Airman Museum.  I am a sucker for a historical museum.

No trip to Detroit would be complete without at visit to Hitsville USA, the Motown Museum.  Maybe Diana Ross will be my tour guide?

Being so close to Canada I think I am going to pop over the border and check out Windsor.

Of course no trip to Detroit would not be complete without a trip to Greektown for some dinner. Jerry, I will try and taste some Baklava for you.
I can't wait for my trip to Detroit.  My roommates told me it was time to start packing and getting ready I best take a nap so I am ready to see all the sites.


  1. Looking forward your to trip report! Pack the snacks!

  2. Don't forget to brush up on your Doo-Wop skills in Motown.

  3. Those museums look great! Jerry would like a detailed report on the Baklava. If you get to Canada, make sure to shout "Hi Sandy" really loudly--maybe he will be able to hear you...

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  5. I thought Jerry (and Ben for that matter) might like Baklava since it's made with honey. I will be sure to shout a greeting to Sandy when I am in Canada.

    1. My human would also like an assessment of the Baklava situation, please.