Sunday, August 21, 2016

Stuffie Olympics ~

I have to admit I haven't watched too much of the olympics but I am happy to report that the following countries have won their first gold medals ever.
*Puerto Rico

Way to go everyone.

Now onto my entry into the Olympics.  I am going for the gold medal in a beray competitive category.....Competitive Sightseeing.
Elko, NV.  I wonder if this casino gives better odds for stuffies? July 2015
Tiki Bar in San Francisco, CA. Fairmont Hotel. Used to be their pool but they changed it into a bar.  My kind of hotel.  August 2015
Is this my lunch?  Oh I hope so. ChinaTown San Francisco, CA. August 2015
Mt St. Helens (in case you could not read the sign).  Do you see me? I am in the left hand corner clearly monument hasn't made signs that are my size for posing yet.   September 2015
Fly in breakfast.  Newberg, OR.  October 2015.
Snowshoeing on Mt. Hood.  January 2016.
Did you meet my friends, they are lion driving instructors.  February 2016.
Making new hiking friends in Grants Pass. June 2016.
Stars in a foxes eyes.  Hollywood, CA. August 2016
Do you think this would be a good place for the stuffy convention? Getty Villa, August 2015.
Taking a well needed rest.

Whew I am tired.  The field of competitive sightseeing is beary competitive.  The Canadian's always put on a good show as do the Australian's but I am hoping that I might have an entry suitable for a gold medal. 


  1. Great job on the sightseeing event! Jerry says 9.99 (he's taking off .01 points because your toes weren't pointed in the last photo); Ben just rolls his eyes--he thinks Jerry is being too picky.

    1. I figured I would lose more points from Judge Jerry because I didn't showcase any food except in one category.

  2. Nicely done LF! Great technical and artistic performance.

    1. Thanks. I think I might lose out to the Australian's this year. We'll see what the Olympic committee says in the end.

  3. I like the variety you showed - very good distribution of events!