Saturday, August 13, 2016

It's Hot

Hello Blog Pals,

I hope everyone is staying cool.  It's beary hot where I live and it's tough for a little fox to stay comfortable.  My roommates suggested I drink something so I rummaged around the cabinet and found a bottle that's just my size.
It looks like Sequoia wants in on my drink too.  Gin is perfectly acceptable for little foxes but NOT allowed for dogs (sorry Sequoia and Droopy).  

Excuse me when I shoo him away.  My roommates chimed in and said this was not the drink they were thinking of for me.  Apparently they thought some ice water might be more my style.  

I know what will take my mind off the heat, checking my mail.  This card arrived from Jerry and Ben today.  Looks like they are escaping the heat in San Francisco.  I love that town. Are you going to China Town?  Ghirardelli Square?  Fisherman's Wharf?  Renting bikes and riding across the Golden Gate Bridge?  So much to do and so many places to eat.  Chef Ben I found a good recipe for double ghirardelli chocolate chip cookies if you want to make some and send them my way.  He he.  
Hammie and his family sent a cool card a while back.  Hammie probably realizes that I am behind on my mail.  As always they visited some cool museums and saw some great art.  You know, I think Amsterdam is known for it's chocolate as well. Here is a nice recipe for Amsterdam Hot Chocolate.  I hope Hammie gets to try this soon and give us a report :)

Sandy has been busy keeping the post office busy.  The yellow card is titled "Happy Spring".  Oh my, I guess I better get on my roommates for a more timely post on my mail.  The card below is a nice picture of all of the animals in BC.    
I have seen most of these animals as well.  Let's see: Bear, Whale, Eagle.  I can't help but notice that there is no fox on this card.  
As I am trying to stay cool I looked at some of the other cards from Sandy.  One is from when Jerry and Ben visited.  It is their Chinese garden.  We have a Chinese garden in my town as well but I bet it's nothing like Vancouver's.  The other cards is also from Sandy.  This polar bear looks beary relaxed.  Perhaps he just feasted on one of these Canadian recipes featuring Yukon Gold Potatoes. 
Did you know the Yukon Gold potato was developed in Canada and that it turned 50 years old recently.  

Time to figure out how to stay cool. Oh wait, I forgot this card from Ajdin and his tour to the cherry festival. I heard that Washington DC has a great Ethiopian food scene.  Maybe Ajdin will offer a tour to that section of town but until that happens I might have to try this recipe 
Thanks everyone for the cards.
Little Fox. 


  1. Wow... I think you're a beary hungry little fox by the sounds of all your recipes!

  2. I'm always hungry. Kudos to Canada for developing the Yukon Gold potato.

  3. Gin, huh? Is Drunk Fox being a bad influence on you?...

    1. Yes, yes he is a bad influence on me. On the other hand, it's a small bottle of gin so that's good....right?

  4. It was a beary short trip, but we did more site seeing the last time we were there. Ben is looking forward to trying the cookie recipe that you posted!!

  5. Do I get a free sample since I shared the recipe? :)

  6. Little Fox, are you a fan of home delivery recipe boxes, like Blue Apron or Purple Carrot? You seem beary hungry

    1. I am always hungry :)
      I haven't tried the delivery boxes but I think I might. I heard there is one that delivers healthy snacks - that might up my alley.