Tuesday, August 9, 2016

A well needed vacation for a little fox

Hi Blog Pals,
I have been busy on the hunt for buried treasure lately and I feel that I need a well deserved break. I decided to hang out with my friend Zebra and Giraffe. 
They live in LA and gave me all sorts of places to visit in sunny California. Anyone knows the first place to go to LA is Disneyland. To get to Disneyland you might want to take the monorail.  There is a monorail in Seattle I took years ago and this one is just as cool. 
 Here I am enjoying the Autotopia ride.  I look good in a convertible don't I?
 Waiting my turn for at Pirates of the Caribbean.
Enjoying a break at Paradise Pier.
After a busy day at Disney I needed a break. Off to iconic Venice beach. 
 Venice Beach has lots of beach activities but also some interesting canals.
More canals 
After enjoying something called "fried chicken on a stick" I decided to get some sun.  You can see I have my sunscreen and a shovel to play with. 
After the beach and Disneyland I needed some relaxing from my vacation, off to the Getty Villa.  Check out these old artifacts from 400 BC. 
The villa is really nice. In fact it would be a great spot for the 2017 stuffy convention. 
 A nice statue garden.
 Due to the drought the water was not flowing in the pool but the fountain is running.  Interesting eh?

I better check in with the curator to make sure I can rent this for the stuffy convention.  In the meantime I feel that I need a hike.  I haven't been hiking for a long time (sigh) but I am off to see the Hollywood sign.  At this picture stop some nice people helped me pose for my picture.  
Do you see the Hollywood sign?
To round out my hike we decided to go to the Griffith Observatory. It was built in the 30s and just remodeled a few years ago.  There were a ton of exhibits at the observatory.  I should make sure Ajdin knows about this place, it might be part of his astrobear training. It's a long hike down but I am up for it. 
Ah, now I am closer.  It's a cool observatory as you can see by the hordes of people there. 
After all of my adventuring I need some more food.  Time for lunch.  Chicken, rice, veggies, tzatziki.  Yum. 

After a filling lunch it's time for me to go back and hang out with my friends.


  1. WOW! A super duper trip! Will you audition for an acting role while you are there? Can't wait to see your name in lights!

    1. Auditioning? I never thought of that but I think I could be an actor, especially since Foxes are really popular right now.
      What kind of roles should I go out for? Clearly anything from the predators point of view would be a good fit for me.

  2. Disney is always fun. Did you wear the Mickey ears while you were there?

    1. They discourage foxes from wearing the ears.....probably because foxes are known for eating mice.

    2. Oops! Major faux pas. (*facepalm*) But that makes sense...

  3. I see a zebra! I see a zebra! Please say hello for me!