Sunday, December 4, 2016

A special meeting

Hello everyone,
For the last couple of years my roommates haven't been motivated by their low scores on their evaluations.  Since I have been "good" this year I have decided to forgo the evaluations and take my requests right to Santa Bear.

This year I would like:
**Healthy and tasty snacks on every hike (short or long)

**Trips and travels around the world

**Adventures suitable for a fox with snacks and desserts provided (I think Jerry is rubbing off on me)

**A free range chicken for Drunk Fox and I to enjoy (none of this farm raised stuff)

**Archaeology gear - hat and satchel

We'll see what Santa Bear delivers this year.  Keep your paws crossed. I best go, there are lots of animals in line for Santa.


  1. Those are beary reasonable requests. Snacks are essential--the should be provided outside of a wish list to Santa. Jerry suggests give a stern "I need stacks" look to your generally works for us.

  2. I think you are gonna need more than one chicken. I also hope chocolate is included as a snack. Chocolate is essential.

  3. I think those are all reasonable requests. Who knows, if you had your archaeology gear, you might discover a gold hoard and your roommates would definitely like that.