Wednesday, December 28, 2016

A unique gift from my roommates.

Sequoia and I were just sitting around talking about our adventures and where we are off to next year.  Hard to believe it's almost 2017.  I have been busy this year with a trip to London, a trip to LA,  and my archaeological explorations.

I realized there was a Christmas gift I never opened yet.  It was a gift from my roommates and the box just said "To: Little Fox".  Yipee!!! A gift for me.

I opened up the gift and saw some interesting things in the box.  Looks like a hat, a satchel and a whip.  
Upon further inspection I was right. Now, I have all the necessary items to become "Indiana Fox". 
All the items fit and they are my size.  How did my roommates know?
Now that I am better outfitted for archaeology I better finish my classes so I am ready for my next adventure. 


  1. Wow, looks great! Cue the Indiana Jones theme music!

  2. IT BELONGS IN A--uh, no, wait, sorry. What I meant was, the outfit looks fantastic!

    1. Thanks - I will be sure to donate all of my finds to the museum

  3. ...finally! Can't wait to see you don the outfit in your 2017 adventures!