Thursday, December 15, 2016

The mystery of the Golden Chicken

I have been very intrigued to learn about the mystery of the Golden Chicken from the Operative.  I have done a little reading on the legend and I realized this might be an attainable goal for me.

As I am preparing for my trip I learned that the Golden Chicken is guarded by a horse.  Huh, this could be fun.

After a long journey I made it where I think the Golden Chicken is at.  The museum is going to be so proud of me.  Before I venture any further I must rest.
After my rest, I am ready to go.
There it is!  I just need to scale this mountain.
Getting closer
The whip is around the chicken and horse.
***Crash***  Let me rearrange myself and prepare my findings for viewing
I can't believe I found the Golden Chicken and the Cork Horse Guardian.  I am going to be a hero to the museum curator.  

Now the only question is what is next for me, Little Fox Archaeologist?